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~Alec Kuzac~


~Part 1~

    The courtroom seemed to grow subtle as appearances disappeared out the door in harsh whispers and quiet glares at the opposite side. I did it. My persecution won against his defense. He would be put up for life. Zero would be gone off of the streets for good, justice restored. When the case first begun in trial, a reporter had asked me if they're was any relation between me and him. Our attorney's didn't want the world to know it was son against father, so they watched me carefully when the news confronted me on the steps of the public courthouse. I told them that all they needed to know was that another scumbag was going to be put in jail for an unjust crime and I wasn't up for anymore questions. But mostly if it wasn't for Taylor, I wouldn't have gone through with any of it. The community is familiar with the story that I was his neighbor and had managed to catch him with illegal drugs about to commit another murder. But how far from the truth that is. Now since it's done, that secret is buried with him in his jail cell, and forever will remain as long as I live.

    I examine the judge's seat carefully, going over the steps that had transpired for the last four months. I blink a few times before standing up from the prosecutors table, having my black silky bangs fall across the left side of my face. I had taken out my braid, causing wavy locks to puff around my broad shoulders. To think thirty minutes earlier the sentence was announced. I must admit the feeling of rage has diminished, but sorrow has taken a fill. As I step out into the center of the room, it seemed to swirl and not just in my subconscious. My red eye's seemed to have double the seats in numbers with a blur. I shake my head, closing my eyelids while shoving my hands in my dress pants pockets. "So is this what true freedom feels like?" I whisper softly, having it barely echo off the walls. I gave a small laugh covered in a breath and turned around and began to walk down the middle isle leaving the question hang. My footsteps lingering in the air. Only time can answer now.

    When I finally felt the sharp breeze hit my cheeks when I stepped outside, I began to wonder what was going to happen next. Although a sense of discomfort had managed to make itself known causing that thought to vanish, when I saw four shady characters leaning against the pillars side by side of me a little ways from the exit and enter door when I took in the sights of the town as well as the bright sun. 'Security, possibly?' I thought idly giving a slight shrug to myself. But when I saw no uniforms and baggy clothes, my suspicions heightened. 'Hm, more like Zero's friends..?'  but when I gave that answer it didn't seem right somehow. One of them lowered their shades, but his hair covered his eye's. He formed a sentence with his mouth, but I couldn't make out the words very well. So I frowned and stepped down a few steps. Then that's when I saw a group of protesters and casters down at the bottom sidewalk mumbling amongst themselves. I kept the shadows in my side vision. Hopefully the noisy crowd will cause them to leave if I go to them. When I began to continue moving downwards to carry out my plan, one of the figures on the left, grabbed my arm instantly in a tight puncture. I gave a jump and gritted my teeth, ready to swing with my right, but before I could do anything, our scenery changed into a dark alleyway. Water dripping from the pipes and into dirty puddles on the sides of the look like abandoned brick buildings. I felt my foot stumble, as he released me in a shove. His attire was still baggy as before with the same black shirt, and white skinny jeans. His shoe's still steal toed boots. His hair a long maroon, while his orbs a distinct yellow as he threw his shades to the side. They glowed, but it seemed like fog all the same as his friends surrounded him in a swift side motion. They hissed venomously as they exposed reflective pearl white fangs. I took a step backwards, arching my eyebrows. I analyzed my past dealings with puzzlement. How things can change from simplicity to extreme in a matter of seconds. How plans can backfire. 

    "What do you guys want?" I asked harshly nearly shouting, trying to examine my surroundings closely putting up a front. It looked familiar somehow.' I need to escape.' I thought exasperatedly. 'I wonder how long they waited for me to be done with the trial? But what if they're here because of Dad? It's a possibility but why would he want to deal with Vampires in the first place? They don't associate with any of his wants. Are they here to punish me because of Him?' "Quit acting innocent, you put our leader in jail!" "Zero?" I tried to reason, beginning to feel even more confused.' I need answers' "NO! Sebastian Lavenski. Stop stalling and give yourself up. You know exactly what you did!" The creature demanded viciously.  For some reason I gave an odd sigh of relief having my suspicions denied that Zero had more secrets that I or his lawyer knew, but I tensed up, when one of his buddy's zoomed out  from behind him with a jackal smile and punched me under my chin, causing me to flail back and fall into the mud, having it to splash onto my face. My mouth throbbed while my chin released searing pain. I felt a trickle of blood leak from the corner of my mouth. I brought up my wrist and wiped it off, causing it to smear across my lip. 'But I have to be more cautious to get them. Wait, did he just say Sebastian Lavenski?' I widened my eye's as a memory of a warning came back to me from a month ago. The leader smirked. "That's right, you should be scared, you little brat. Running around the streets like you own them. Think again. That's only a quarter of my control." He crossed his arms over his chest. His tone was slightly hoarse as his pupils became a tight line. I formed my fingers into a fist, having the wet dirt squish in between my joints. It was cold and gritty with tiny broken down rocks. I managed to push myself back on my feet. 'It all makes sense now. Taylor told me he had put the V-gangs leader into jail and that Blur would want war. He said to be more careful. But how was I supposed to know they would attack me after the trial considering all the buzz? They hate the light, which is why they wore shades to look like any other normal citizen. They most likely think I'm Taylor and that there's only one. Just Great.' I bit my tongue from ranting off. I guess you could say, I told you so. However I didn't really have a choice in the matter wither or not I had to go to court. So maybe the best thing to do right now is act, until I can find a way out.

    "Your filthy trash, I'm sure the police put him away for good. Where? like I'd have a clue, I just put away guys like you who needs a dose of justice ." I made my tone volume go low, masking it, trying to sound convincing. The down side is, I'm not heartless. Only trying to say, I'm not him would only make things worse. He growled. "Your the one who needs to know his place." He snapped his finger, having another one, hit me from the side, under my ribs. A wave of gravity caused me to hit the wall as my breath squeezed forcefully out of my lungs. "Your not as tough as everyone seems to make you out to be. The bigger they are the more talk." He commented causing his friends to laugh. "This should be easy. Take him. And make sure he doesn't scream." He picked up his shades off of the ground, as they came towards me. I heaved myself up, and as the first charged, I made fists and managed to dodge. I grabbed the edge of his shirt swiftly, circled around and threw him into the second, having them hit the opposite wall in a collision. Loud groans and snaps broke through. But the third one had gone intangible. I stopped and listened not rushing to brutality . The air suddenly went from calm behind me to an extremely high whistle, as he  jumped high in the air and brought down his razor sharp clawed hands. I front flipped and shot out the element of dark fire, nailing him in the face. Which caused him to go instantly blind in violet red flames. He yelled out as he tried to put out the fire as it caught onto his white albino bangs. His balance became thrown off causing him to fall into the empty green banged up dumpster a couple feet away. Giving a sideways smile but then a straight line, I swiftly felt a pair of hands grab me. It was the leader. His maroon locks brushed my jaw, as he thrust-ed his fangs into my jugular. At first I froze as a tingling sensation shot up my spine. I growled throwing away the trance and punched him aimlessly from below. I felt him release, blood splattering around me like rain. It ran down my neck with a sickening warmth, beginning to stain the collar of my white button down. He tripped over his feet but then he shot himself upwards, hovering in the air. He had his hand on his stomach. "Guess I underestimated you twerp, but don't think this is the last visit you'll get from me..." he called out. "Think again" A random voice declared surrounding us.

    A black silhouette unexpectedly flew from the roof above with a shadow scythe in their hands. As they came closer they flipped it to a sideways angle and cut threw him in half easily like paper. I grew paralyzed as he unraveled, and exploded into a light and shot out like a firecracker. As the stranger landed and had the scythe lean on his shoulder, I recognized the hood of the jacket. Long black shimmering hair caused his dark red pools to be distinguished. A cheshire smile formed on the chapped lips of the assailant. "I told you to be more careful Al, Vampires are not ordinary humans. Lucky for you these were clones. They've been following you for a while" I cursed under my breath feeling the stress grow heavy on my shoulders. "You knew I had the trial, if you wanted me to be so careful why didn't you warn me about them sooner?" I seethed. He shrugged, pulling down his hood. "Because I thought you caught on the last time" He remarked. "Taylor...I swear...sometimes I wonder why Mom even cared to try and take you off the streets." I face palmed. "Your such a sore loser, you know you like me." He teased, bringing his scythe down and leaning against it. "Can we just get out of here?" "I was waiting for you to say that" "Shut it..!" I walked over to him, a blush of embarrassment coming to my cheeks. He replaced his hood, as we began to walk out of the alley. His scythe shrunk and vanished, going up his sleeve like a snake. I gave a grimace of paranoia. "'d the trial go?" Taylor asked casually, putting his hands behind his head. "Dad got sentenced for life." " Good, that's another one we can cross off"  I stole a glance at him. His eye's seemed blank of any emotion. I softened my expression. It was just his way of showing he cares. He may not see it, but he gives heart now and then. "Yep" I added, putting my hands behind my back. "Is there something else?" He questioned raising a brow. "No, except, is there anything else I should be aware of?" He stopped in is his tracks and narrowed his sights at his feet. "Blur's already beginning the rebellion, not only is he going to try and kill me...but break into prison and take his father, by any means necessary." My heart stopped for a second when he met eye contact with me. "So your going to-" "I have to let them know." "You can't expose yourself" "I know, that's why I'm going to have you do it" He grinned and shot forward, running. "Wait, what? TAYLOR!" All I heard in return was a hallowed laugh. "How can I possibly do that?"         


~FOL:JAGB~ Chapter 6~ Cause and Effect~
YAY! Part 1 done:3 Whoo that took a few hours ^^; it was really fun none the less.


Taylor, Alec, Zero, Random Vampires (C) all rightfully belongs to me

Blur, Sebastian Lavenski belongs to ~Da-Numb-Heart


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